Letters from Students

LettersWe have a dilemma; we have great quotes from letters that we would like to share with you but we can’t because it could hinder efforts in some areas closed to missionary activities.

“I used to say that there is no God. Now I believe in God because of what I have read in your lesson booklets.”

“I am very much interested in studying about your Bible. I became more interested when a friend of mine started studies with you and I observe certain changes in his life completely. So I decided to study with you to have changes in my life.”

“I was born in a deist family of pagan land. Our land is over 90% of people who are animists – enjoying strong drink and country spirit. I also worshipped demons with our animals. My father is the chief of religion in our town and the biggest priest in our pagan land. … I became a heavy drinker and afterwards addicted to drink. … I’m now a believer in the one true God.”

“I am Hindu Brahmin by caste and I have very much interest in the religious life.”

“I think this is a golden opportunity for me to know more and more about Lord Jesus Christ. Though I am a Sikh girl yet I have a great respect for Lord Christ. I remember when I used to read the bedtime stories in English. Now I have great curiosity to know more and more.”

“I am Javn by cast or belong to Javn Religion. I have a special interest in religion. I want to prosper in this respect and in fact I want to be a man, a human being in the real sense of the word. I yearned to seek the knowledge about Christ and his sermons in the Bible. ”

“I am in form three at Muera Secondary School and would like to apply for a place in your Bible class. I was in our library when I saw the book called Spirituality Along the Way and the studies in the Gospels of Mark, Luke, Matthew and John. I went through all the books continued for three weeks and I was so full of wonder. I have learned some things which I did not know from my birth. I am determined to follow the way of Jesus. I think you may post other books for me so that I can be reading and gain something more. May you assist me to reply as soon as possible so that my dream will come true.”

“I wish to express my sincere gratitude to you on behalf of me and my community here. Your school has brought integrity and shown the value of the Christian life. Guide me that I might help other Christians in my vocational ministries. … So your help will be more appreciated for people who are living in the operational areas which are found in the southern part of Ethiopia.”

“Would you please kindly send us lessons both fundamental and advance courses for 10 members of our church. If you have any other spiritual literature and tracts, please kindly send them.”

“I learnt about your ministry through a friend and co-minster as we shared in a pastors’ fellowship. He gave me a testimony of how God has used your ministry to equip him to be a more effective pastor and Gospel minister.”

“I must confess that the exercise was very much rewarding instructively, informatively and spiritually. The Part C of the (Acts) course was most heart-probing that left my life no more the same but changed my habits and thought patterns.”

“I am very glad to write and request for your Free Bible Course for my students. After studying a copy from a friend I found it very inspirit for onward transmission. Our school has 54 students.Each would like to receive your group studies.”

“I am a Pastor holding a church in my area. I am in need of this training for development of word of God in my ministerial job and to give me ability to express my God boldly in public.”

“I wish to request that you provide me with Bible courses … as many copies as you can conveniently mail to me. I use them locally in my gospel work in this state and neighbouring states in the Northern parts of Nigeria.”

“I have studied your courses. … I have decided to follow Christ and will allow his Spirit to flow through me…. I was lately baptized at the beach. … Now I can sense the feelings that God really loves and forgives me and now I can live a new life in Christ.”