If you live in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, or South America, you may request enrollment for the free Bible study courses. You may also send us the names and complete mailing addresses of your friends who live in those areas.

  • Through these Bible studies you can discover what is pleasing to God. You will see the way to be made clean from the effects of sin or evil actions.
  • These studies will provide knowledge and insights into what believers are to be and to do. You will discover the source of spiritual strength and power for each day of your life. The word of God is the spiritual weapon to assist in victory over sin and temptation.
  • Studying the Bible will make your life more fruitful and rewarding. You can know the power of God in fellowship with Him and other believers. You can learn more about God and experience His love, peace and joy through our Lord Jesus Christ (Messiah).
  • You will have a better knowledge of the world’s most important and best-selling book. You will gain information to help you understand the background for some of the great literature and art of the western world.
  • Your studies will help prepare you to be a leader in your community or congregation. You will receive practical information to lead in spiritual growth. The group study questions will help you and others to grow in faith, wisdom and knowledge. Some of our students have become teachers and ministers.
  • Some students study the Bible to improve their use of English. (Most who study have English as their second language.) Therefore, we have tried to write in a way that is easy to understand.
  • We have several study helps for those who continue their studies. We also send New Testaments when possible and where needed.
  • All of our Bible studies and study helps are free. No student is asked to pay for any material.
  • Those who complete the studies on the Advanced Level are recommended to Nations University who offer free Bible studies leading to a college degree.

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