How is IBCS Funded?

We trust that our gracious God will provide the funds. We do not have any fund-raisers or fund-raising campaigns. There isn’t any large organization sponsoring this effort.

Sometimes we are surprised by the source of support. For example, one time when the school was $1,200 in debt we received a letter and cheque from a lawyer who stated that a man – a total stranger to us – left the school $1,200 in his will.

In the winter of 1970 we completed our first study booklet on the Gospel of Mark. We needed $2,000 for the first printing and didn’t have the money. The night before driving down to Lebanon, Virginia, to visit a family who were assisting us in teaching students, I had a dream. In the dream I was driving in a hilly region and had the feeling of being lost when I drove around a curve in the road and saw an airplane. I got on the airplane and flew to a city where I met a man who asked me, “What are you doing here?” I replied, “The Lord sent me here to talk with you.”

While visiting with the family in Lebanon, I was asked to drive over to Henderson, Tennessee, to talk with people about the Bible correspondence school. It began to snow and the highway was closed. Therefore, I went to Kingsville, Tennessee, to fly to Nashville, planning on going to Henderson the next day. As I arrived in Kingsville, I stopped for directions to the airport. After driving almost twice as long as I was told it would take on the hilly road, I felt I had taken the wrong road and was lost. Just then I drove around a curve and there was the airport.

Arriving in Nashville, I was met by a dear friend who told me that there was going to be a Bible study and prayer group that evening. He took me to where the meeting was to be held, introduced me to the host and went home to get his wife. The host asked me what I was doing in Nashville, and without thinking, surprised myself by responding, “The Lord sent me here to talk with you.” The host gave the school a cheque for $2,000.

Of course, most of our support does not come in dramatic ways. It comes from individuals like you and congregations who, after prayerful consideration, desire to have fellowship with us. Some give to the school once a year; some give more often. Also, some individuals collect and send us used commemorative postage stamps which one of our board members takes to stamp auctions to sell for us.