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sanctification -  A condition of being separated from the practice of sin for God. Being set apart while yet living a normal life. A condition of living in the world without being controlled by earthly values.
sash -  From "shash", an Arabic word for a band of fine material worn twisted around the head as a turban. A cloth band or scarf worn as a girdle around the waist or over the shoulder as part of a uniform.
Satan -  (Arabic, Shaytan). An evil spirit. He is also called "the ruler of evil," "the father of lies" and the devil.
Saviour -  One who saves or rescues. God saves people from sin. A person is saved for service to God.
scarcely -  Only just; barely. Not quite; hardly
scold -  To find fault using harsh words; to strongly criticize. Abuse or punish with words.
scurvy -  A disease caused by lack of vitamin C in the diet. A sign of the illness is swollen and bleeding gums.
sentence -  In law it is the penalty placed upon a convicted person.
Sheikh -  An Arabic word for an elder, head of an Arab tribe or family. A word of honour and respect.
Shi’ah -  The second largest Muslim sect.
snatch -  To pluck, grab or pull out.
steadfast, stedfast -  Firmly fixed in faith or devotion to duty; faithful; unchanging.
Sunni -  The largest Muslim sect.