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Ram -  A male sheep.  The horn is used as a musical instrument.
ransom -  To secure the release of a person or property for a required price, as from captivity; to set free on payment for a debt.
reconcile -  To bring back to friendship after being separated by a disagreement; to bring into harmony. To settle differences in a broken relationship. People broke their relationship with God by sinning. Human sinfulness cannot exist with the holiness of God.
redeem, Redeemer, redemption - 
  1. To release, give freedom from bondage; the payment of a price by a redeemer.
  2. Everyone who sins is in bondage, a slave to sin. Jesus the Messiah paid the price to free those enslaved to sin.
regret -  To look back upon with a feeling of loss and sadness.
reject -  To refuse to accept.
repentance -  A change in heart and a change in behaviour.
resent, resentment -  To continue to feel anger because of an injury or insult.
restitution -  The act of restoring something that has been taken away or lost. Making things right personally or legally.
revenge -  To give punishment or injury in response to some injury or wrong; to harm an enemy.
revive -  To bring back to life; to restore.
ridicule -  To laugh at; to make fun of; to try to humiliate; to mock.
righteousness -  A union with God in character.  A right relationship between God and people.
Romans, Book of -  One of the New Testament writings in the Holy Bible; part of the Injil.