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parole -  The conditional release of a prisoner; conditional freedom.
participate -  To take part or have a share in common with others.
perch -  A branch or pole on which birds rest.
perish -  To destroy; decay. To pass from existence.
perjury -  The willful and voluntary giving of false testimony or the withholding of material facts or evidence while under oath.
personification -  To speak of an object as having human qualities.
persuade -  To convince someone to do something.
pilgrimage -  (Arabic, Hajj). A journey made to a shrine or sacred place.
plough -  The same as the American word "plow."
preening -  Preen is to comb and to arrange feathers with the beak; to dress oneself carefully.
pride -  An undue sense of one's own superiority.
principles -  Moral standards; a law or rule for personal conduct.
Prophet -  One who proclaimed the will of God.
Psalms, Book of -  (Arabic Zabur).¬†One of the Old Testament writings in the Holy Bible.
putting down -  To speak without respect; to insult.