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earthly -  Where the main focus is on material things rather than spiritual matters.
El-Khrati -  An Arabic phrase meaning "he who is out of the road."
El-Melja -  An Arabic word for a place of refuge.
empathize -  Feeling deep sorrow for another’s condition.
endure -  To stand firm against; to bear up under hardship.
envy -  A bad feeling because of another person's success or good fortune. A desire to possess the goods of another.
Er Rashid -  Arabic phrase meaning "he who is rightly directed."
evaporate -  To remove moisture; to convert into vapor. To vanish or disappear.
excuse -  To accept or overlook an action as being pardonable or justifiable.
exert -  To put forth or put into action, as strength, force or influence.
exhaust -  To make very tired; wear out completely.
Exodus, Book of -  One of the five books of Moses which is called the Torah by Jews and Tawrat by Muslims; part of the Old Testament writings in the Holy Bible.
Ezekiel -  One of the Old Testament books in the Holy Bible.