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canary -  A small bird originally native in the Canary Islands, having yellow feathers; popular as a cage bird for its song.
centennial -  The marking or celebration of 100 years.
chicks -  The young of owls, birds, chickens and poultry.
condemn -  To show guilt; convict.
conform -  To be or act in accordance; to show or identify with; to resemble.
Corinthians, Books of -  Two letters written to believers in the city of Corinth. They are found in the New Testament writings in the Holy Bible; part of the Injil.
cover-up -  Concealment that attempts to prevent something scandalous from becoming public.
Cross -  The Qur'an states that the Jews did not crucify Jesus. Only the Romans had the authority to crucify Jesus and they did.
crumble -  To fall apart. To cause to break into tiny pieces.
cunning -  To be clever; skillful; sly.