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abuse -  To improperly treat or use. To hurt by treating wrongly.
Allah -  The Arabic name for God.
ancestor -  One from whom a person is a descendant such as a great-grandparent.
ancient -  Very old.
apostle -  “One sent”; one sent on a special mission. The original 12 apostles were those sent out by the Messiah.
Arch of the Prophet -  An Arabic expression for a rainbow.
arrogance -  A state of showing great satisfaction with oneself; overbearing pride.
atonement -  The act of bringing those alienated (separated) together again. The means by which sins are taken away; the way sinners are brought back to God. According to the Holy Injil, the sinless Messiah sacrificed his life for us. He took our place and died for our sins so that we could be united with God.