School Director

Richard Kruse

Early Years
I was born in Oakland, California (November 1936). My mother died when I was in grade two and I was placed, with my two brothers, in an orphanage at Ukiah, California. One of my sisters was adopted by a relative and my other sister was placed in the care of a family friend. Later I lived with my father and stepmother who were both violent alcoholics. I became a believer and was baptized (1953) in Santa Cruz, California.


  • Freed-Hardeman College, Henderson, Tennessee, 1954-1957, Associate Arts Degree in Bible.
  • Harding College, Searcy, Arkansas, 1957-1959, BA degree in Bible and English Literature.
  • Harding Graduate School of Religion, Memphis, Tennessee, 1965-1967, MA degree in Missions and Religious Education.

Early Efforts
Worked with a newly established congregation in Wilmar, Minnesota for one summer. Preached for a congregation in Greensburg, Kentucky one year before ministering five years in Finland. The Lord also provided opportunities to teach and preach in Europe and North America.

Educational Director
I came to Toronto in 1967 with my wife, Bettie, and daughter, Lydia. Serving as an Educational Director with a congregation provided a unique opportunity to teach the Bible to many from other nations and to assist in beginning this present ministry. Soon after establishing this school it became necessary for me to work full-time as the director.

I grew up in poverty and physical abuse. When I left the family religion my family opposed me. While attending college to prepare for mission work, one of the first lessons was learning to trust God for money because there was no support from my family and the money saved for college was stolen by a trusted friend. These experiences help me to relate to our students in the Third World. The training and experience the Lord provided is important in the production of Bible study materials especially suited for individuals outside of North America.

The Lord continues to use this Bible correspondence school for the establishment of congregations and training of leaders in many nations around the world. Some of the nations are closed to missionary activities.However, hundreds come to faith and request baptism every year.